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County-Fair Robotics Competition

For the Design and Manufacturing (2.007) County-Fair Robotics Competition, I built an autonomous and remote controlled robot, the "Scorpion King". Events on the playing field included hitting a high-striker, spinning a ferris wheel, and pushing a button. With a need for speed and power, I decided to hit the high striker with a spinning flywheel hammer. The most lucrative point-making strategy after that was to spin the ferris wheel for a multiplier. Video of the final round (I did much better in the seeding round, with the top score of the night! I could not find the recording though.) "The Scorpion King", a fitting name with its spinning flywheel hammer! This robot was eliminated in the quarter-finals after winning three rounds. The design had the potential to win, I just needed a little more time to do some key tweaks to improve consistency. CONSISTENCY! so important. The camera cut out right on impact, so annoying, but you can hear the bell ringing af