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For Design and Manufacturing II (2.008, year 2012) at MIT undergrad, my team designed and made molds for an injection molded Octopus Yo-Yo. The intent of the project was to teach and expose the team to mass production design and manufacturing, in particular injection molding. I am writing this a few years after graduation, and looking back I realize what the heck they were trying to teach us! When I was a student trying to finish psets and pass final exams, I was not able to connect the dots between 2.008 and the real world. It is nice to have the opportunity and time to reflect on these things after working in the industry for a few years. All the fabrication took place at the Laboratory for Manufacturing and Productivity (aka LMP) under the instruction of Professor Sanjay Sarma, and technical instructors Patrick McAtamney and David Dow. Team "Octopus" (shout out to Kaitlyn Bailey, Emma Benjaminson, Lucy Du, Tanya Liu, and Shaka Thornhill) split the design into an assembly o