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Pool Pong

We invented a beer pong game, it is called "Pool Pong". This is not beer pong in a pool. For something we made up on a whim, the rules of Pool Pong work exceptionally well. Pool Pong is highly competitive, well paced, and perfect for a chill night with a couple friends (or a rager). There were only three of us on a Saturday trying to finish up the beer from a Friday night party. The kitchen at my buddies place is small, and the table is too short for beer pong. I suggested playing a one-sided beer pong game with a 15 cup rack, two players, mixed cups (half his, half mine, plus one?). Eric said "that sounds like pool", I said "8-ball", and then all the rules fell into place. RULES 15-cup triangular rack, 7 stripes, 7 solids, 1 eight ball (death cup) Two players / teams, one ball Whoever makes the first cup calls that set (stripes or solids). Opponent drinks cups that you make of your set. Keep shooting until you miss If you make your opponents cu