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1998 4Runner Timing Belt & Water Pump Replacement

My water pump was leaking coolant at an alarming rate (you could say pouring coolant). I first noticed when my car overheated during my commute to work. I had to pull off the side of the highway to take a look around but found nothing. I continued driving to work with the car overheating. If this was a newer and more valuable car, I probably would have called for a tow. I drove the car back home (overheating) and then found that the coolant was empty (oops!). Even after driving overheated for approximately one hour, this freaking champ of a Toyota (with 200k miles I'll add) runs like a charm. I'm sold, Toyotas are hands down the best car. I filler her up cold, and drove to work the next day. After the car heated up on the way to work, it leaked about one liter of coolant in the parking lot! Knowing that glycerol is toxic, I would have filled her up with water only, but it was winter time in Boston so I dished out about $50 in coolant before I got around to replacing the water p