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Dance Platform

As the Phi Delta Theta fraternity's house manager, I organized and ran the biannual work week. For the 2013 work week, one of my organized projects was to build a dance platform for our parties! You see, a fraternity must stay equipped with competitive party setups including a great sound system, lights, and of course a dance platform. This had been done in the past, but the platform had been trashed because there was nowhere to store it. I knew it was imperative to make the legs removable, so that the table could fit into a closet, out of the way during "business hours".

I designed the table with six reinforced legs, alternating in direction. The design intent was to have the platform stiff in all directions, so as people danced even in the oddest most aggressive ways, the platform would not collapse or flip over. The last thing the frat needed was a lawsuit on our hands, and most importantly we need everyone to stay safe at our parties! To assemble the table, the legs slide into slots and the reinforcement studs are bolted into place with one wing nut each. We have tested it at one of our parties, and it held about 20 people jumping up and down without collapsing! With all the legs off, it is easy to store in our closet.

I wish I had more photos to show off the nice paint-job. Maybe next time I visit the frat I will take some pics!